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Lisa Greene has focused her entire career on kids and about kids. She worked in pre-schools throughout college while getting her business degree and then again while pursuing a teaching certification. She then went on to open her own pre-school in Austin, TX. Serving lunches and snacks to 60 kids every day ignited her passion for nutrition when she saw firsthand the relation between food and behavior.

When her own son was born with food allergies and chemical sensitivities that create behavior problems and ADHD symptoms, she decided to find out what exactly is in our foods. Through exhaustive research, she has learned how to control her son’s symptoms with diet, cleansing, and supplementation. Now she wants to help other moms do the same.

All Lisa’s research has culminated in the book, Processed Kids: The Real Mom’s Guide to Raising Natural Kids in a Processed World. In this fact based, scientifically backed guide, you’ll find the truth about what’s in your food, ways to help your child, and dozens of easy recipes using real, natural, 100% food.


Have a question about your child’s symptoms or behaviors? Contact Lisa at info@processedkids.com

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