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Gluten as a Cause of ADD Symptoms in Children

Many foods can cause ADD symptoms in children, but sensitivity to gluten could fool anyone into thinking a child has ADD or ADHD. Along with gastrointestinal symptoms, a gluten sensitivity or intolerance can manifest in learning problems, behavior changes, difficulty concentrating, mental fog, and much more. Many studies show a strong correlation between gluten intolerance and ADHD symptoms in children.


Gluten is the protein found in wheat. It gives wheat dough its elastic texture. Besides wheat, gluten can also be found in barley, rye, spelt, kamut, and triticale. Sometimes oats can be contaminated with gluten as well. There are so many foods that contain gluten, that if your child is sensitive to it, he or she may very likely exhibit ADD symptoms.


Gluten is among the top eight food allergies. Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder caused by an intolerance to gluten, affects about 1 percent, or 1 in 133 people in the United States today. More common is… Continue reading

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ADD Symptoms in Children | Fighting Unwanted Behaviors with Food

Many different foods can cause behaviors that mimic ADD symptoms in children. Eating these foods can cause a child to be impulsive, hyperactive, unable to focus or concentrate, and many other symptoms that can look like ADD or ADHD. When a child consistently gets the foods that create these symptoms, behaviors can sometimes spiral out of control. Remove the offending foods and balance can be restored.


When looking at ADHD symptoms in children and how different foods can be a factor, it is important to learn what you are really feeding your child. There are so many chemicals in our foods that it’s no wonder our children behave the way they do. Chemically processed foods have become the norm in our society and are creating a nation of behaviorally challenged, processed kids. When you see a child with ADD symptoms, look to the diet first.


The first thing to do is start reading ingredients. Start noticing how many… Continue reading

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ADD Symptoms in Children | Causes and Cures

Can ADD symptoms in children be cured? Absolutely, and it can be done without medication. While there is some disagreement among experts on the causes of ADD and ADHD, the simple truth is that many ADHD symptoms in children can be controlled with diet.


It has been widely accepted for years that ADD and ADHD are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. This has not been proven, however, and is just a theory. Other theories include low dopamine levels, genetics, low birth weight, mothers who smoked or drank during pregnancy, and children exposed to lead or other environmental toxins early in life. Only in recent years have doctors acknowledged a link between ADD symptoms and diet.

In numerous studies, it has been shown that the brains of children with ADD and ADHD are different than those of normal children. When a child is diagnosed, the doctor will typically discuss these differences with the parent. During the process… Continue reading

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Natural Alternatives for Symptoms of ADHD in Children


There are many natural ways to alleviate symptoms of ADHD in children without resorting to medications. Many parents today don’t want to medicate their child, but don’t know what else to do. Pressure from the school and their doctor tends to make many parents opt for medication when they don’t really want to. It is not your child’s job to fit into the mold of ‘normal’, and you don’t have to give him or her medication to do so.


ADHD symptoms in children can be a distraction in a classroom and can be bothersome to parents and other adults as well. It is difficult to watch your child struggle and behave inappropriately. All parents want to see their children succeed. It may be easier to give them medication, but it’s definitely not the healthiest choice. For ADHD in children, changing the diet is a much safer alternative.


While switching to a natural diet sounds easy enough, it… Continue reading

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Causes for Symptoms of ADHD in Children

Symptoms of ADHD in children can be caused by many factors. There are many foods that can bring about behaviors that are commonly seen in ADHD. If your child has symptoms, there are natural ways to control or even eliminate them simply by changing the child’s diet.


Some children are more sensitive to certain foods than others. When a child is sensitive to a certain food, many different types of reactions can take place. The most obvious is an allergic reaction. For example, a child’s tongue may start to swell or his face may get splotchy when he eats strawberries. These types of reactions usually happen very quickly, so it’s easy to pinpoint the problem. Other reactions can be caused by food sensitivities and can cause physical symptoms such as stomachaches or migraines. Another not so obvious reaction to certain foods is a behavior change. This one is harder to pinpoint because we do not typically relate unwanted behaviors… Continue reading

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How to Treat Symptoms of ADHD in Children Naturally

Symptoms of ADHD in children can vary widely from child to child. Typically, they are broken down into three categories: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. A child may have just one, or a combination of the three. Within each category, there are also many individual symptoms. A list of common ADHD symptoms in children can be found at WebMD. The good news is that many of these symptoms can be controlled or eliminated naturally, without medication.


ADHD in children is diagnosed by using a number of subjective methods with specific criteria. The child must have exhibited symptoms before age 7 and for more than 6 months, symptoms must be beyond the extent normal for the child’s age and they must persist in more than one setting, and other possible causes for the behaviors must be ruled out. To determine if all criteria are present, a professional will collect information from parents, teachers, and other involved parties, and observe the… Continue reading

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Processed Kids

I think there are two types of parents out there where nutrition is concerned. Those that know how bad processed and junk foods are for us and do something about it, and those that know processed and junk foods are bad for us, but don’t know HOW bad. It’s that second group that I am desperately trying to reach. 

I really think that if parents really knew HOW bad these foods are (and what they are really doing to our kids), there would be a lot of changes being made in a lot of households.

Well, I can tell you HOW bad these foods are. And, I can tell you what to do to change it – even on a budget. In my book, Processed Kids, The Real Mom’s Guide to Raising Natural Kids in a Processed World, I begin by explaining the link between behavior issues in children and food additives. I would have never understood this if I hadn’t seen… Continue reading

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You probably know that MSG is in a lot of Chinese foods. Did you know it is also in many of the foods we eat every day? Its name is Monosodium Glutamate, and it’s deadly.

MSG is an excitotoxin. It is a neurotoxin that literally excites your brain cells to death. It is poison in your body. MSG interrupts your body’s ability to regulate appetite because it damages the part of the brain that controls appetite.

Unfortunately, our children’s developing brains are four times more vulnerable than an adult’s brain to the effects of neurotoxins. MSG crosses the blood/brain barrier and causes the developing nerve fibers to be miswired. There is no safe limit of MSG for a child and there are no limits to the amount that can be put in our foods. MSG can affect mood and can cause depression. It is difficult to stay away from, but it is worth the trouble.

Why is it so difficult… Continue reading

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Lights Off Product Review

According to a survey by the Better Sleep Council, 65% of Americans are losing sleep due to stress. A growing body of scientific evidence suggest that too little or erratic sleep may be taking a toll on Americans’ health. According to research, a lack of sleep disrupts every physiologic function of the body.

If you are having trouble sleeping, or waking up and can’t go back to sleep, try Lights Off. It is a relaxation aid that allows you to get deep, restorative sleep, and lets you wake up refreshed without feeling groggy. Put a scoop in 2 ounces of water and drink 30 minutes before you want to go to bed. Then feel your mind calm so that you can fall asleep easily. When you wake up, if you want to go back to sleep you can do so easily, and if you want to wake up, you will feel refreshed and ready to go, no matter how long… Continue reading

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Omega-3 Product Review

It’s extremely important for you and your children to take a good quality omega-3 supplement for two reasons. First, our bodies cannot produce these essential fatty acids, so we have to get them from our diets (typically from fish). Unfortunately, our processed Western diets have virtually eliminated omega-3s. Also, the fish we consume today are loaded with mercury and other contaminants, so it is much safer to get our omega-3 from a supplement.

The second reason I recommend everyone get on an omega-3 supplement is for the incredible health benefits. I was astounded when researching omega-3 at just how much it can impact our health in either a positive or negative way. A deficiency in omega-3 in children can cause attention issues, impulsivity, depression, anger, and violence. Adults can have memory issues, dementia, and a higher risk for stroke.

The good news is that getting enough omega-3 in your diet can improve a vast number of health problems, including coronary… Continue reading

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My name is Lisa Greene and I have struggled for years with my child's food sensitivities that have manifested in behavior issues, hyperactivity, impulsivity, cavities, facial tics, and much more. Years of research has taught me what works, what children need in their diet, and what to avoid.

Follow my blog and read my book and I will show how you can treat your child's symptoms naturally.

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