Natural Alternatives for Symptoms of ADHD in Children


There are many natural ways to alleviate symptoms of ADHD in children without resorting to medications. Many parents today don’t want to medicate their child, but don’t know what else to do. Pressure from the school and their doctor tends to make many parents opt for medication when they don’t really want to. It is not your child’s job to fit into the mold of ‘normal’, and you don’t have to give him or her medication to do so.


ADHD symptoms in children can be a distraction in a classroom and can be bothersome to parents and other adults as well. It is difficult to watch your child struggle and behave inappropriately. All parents want to see their children succeed. It may be easier to give them medication, but it’s definitely not the healthiest choice. For ADHD in children, changing the diet is a much safer alternative.


While switching to a natural diet sounds easy enough, it is by no means a simple task. It takes hard work and commitment to keep your child away from all the chemicals in processed foods that may be causing his or her symptoms. It takes a new way of cooking and feeding your family, but it can be done.


The first step is finding out what is in your food. Start reading ingredients. If you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t be eating it. Second, make your meals with real food using only a few ingredients. You don’t have to become a gourmet chef to do this. You can make simple meals using fresh, whole foods sometimes just as easily as you can prepare a meal from a box. For example, instead of buying a box of macaroni and cheese that is full of chemical food additives, boil some macaroni, grate some fresh cheese, then add some milk and butter and you have a quick meal with four ingredients. You can still give your kids the food they love, but by making them in a different way, you can offer a much healthier alternative. Third, and usually the most difficult, is to stop eating out in restaurants and especially don’t eat fast food. You need to know what is in everything your child eats and you simply can’t when someone else prepares it. One reason that symptoms of ADHD in children are so common today is that we have no idea what’s in the foods we eat. We are eating chemicals with every processed meal. To eliminate the symptoms of ADHD, you must know every ingredient that your child ingests.


Another way to combat symptoms is with a quality Omega-3 supplement. A diet deficient in omega-3 can cause a child to be less able to pay attention, more impulsive, and at higher risk for depression. Teenagers may be more prone to anger and violence. Adding omega-3 to the diet can alleviate symptoms and can improve the child’s ability to learn. Considering all the negative side effects that ADHD medications in children can have, omega-3 supplementation is a far better solution.


Again, this won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Start following these steps and watch attention, memory, and behavior problems disappear. Watch your child begin to succeed in school, with friends, and at home. Give your child the chance he or she deserves, without medication. Symptoms of ADHD in children can be controlled and even eliminated naturally, it just takes commitment from you.


To find out the truth about what’s in your food and how it affects your child, along with dozens of quick, healthy recipes, click here to buy the book, Processed Kids: The Real Mom’s Guide to Raising Natural Kids in a Processed World, by Lisa Greene.

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