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I think there are two types of parents out there where nutrition is concerned. Those that know how bad processed and junk foods are for us and do something about it, and those that know processed and junk foods are bad for us, but don’t know HOW bad. It’s that second group that I am desperately trying to reach. 

I really think that if parents really knew HOW bad these foods are (and what they are really doing to our kids), there would be a lot of changes being made in a lot of households.

Well, I can tell you HOW bad these foods are. And, I can tell you what to do to change it – even on a budget. In my book, Processed Kids, The Real Mom’s Guide to Raising Natural Kids in a Processed World, I begin by explaining the link between behavior issues in children and food additives. I would have never understood this if I hadn’t seen it for myself with my own son. I am hoping you don’t have to go through what I did to find this link.

I firmly believe that if we eliminated ALL food additives from our children’s diets, MANY behavior problems, ADD and ADHD, learning issues, aggressive behaviors, and (some) autisim symptoms would virtually disappear from the planet. It’s not just me that believes this, either. Everything in my book is backed up by scientific evidence and research by well known and respected doctors.

I go on to discuss common myths about foods. Some foods we think are “healthy”, such as dairy, soy, and beef, have a darker story. I also explain ingredients, what they mean, where they come from, and what they do to us. It’s so important to learn the truth about our food:  where it comes from and what happens to it before it gets to our table.

I couldn’t give you all these problems without offering solutions. The last half of the book is dedicated to simple solutions and ways to make the switch to natural foods easy even with the busiest family on the tightest budget. There are dozens of healthy recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less – that the kids will actually eat!

I urge you to find out the truth about your food! Our children’s health and future depends on us, as parents, making some drastic changes in the way we feed them. They deserve to grow up healthy and without the thousands of chemicals that they are bombarded with every day.

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My name is Lisa Greene and I have struggled for years with my child's food sensitivities that have manifested in behavior issues, hyperactivity, impulsivity, cavities, facial tics, and much more. Years of research has taught me what works, what children need in their diet, and what to avoid.

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